Home page

The initial page to the system includes both a start button and login feature. The start button allows users to enter system, however certain functionalities will be disabled including print, save, and quote (see System tools for additional information). Only registered users can enter system with full access to the above-mentioned features. Registered users enter system by providing both email address and password. Past saved designs can be accessed once logged into system.

Login Page

The start button begins a new session. Project name is entered in field provided (optional)

The retrieve button allows past saved projects to be retrieved. Session number to be loaded is entered in field provided.

Setup Office

Users may enter room dimensions on this window to create a floor plan. Length, Width, and Height of space may be entered into fields provided. These dimensions can be modified later using the resize button.

Floor Plan

The floor plan area allows users to design a layout using the products provided in the Products pull-down menu. Additional items including windows and doors are located within the Room Elements Pull-down Menu. The floor plan screen also contains several commands including system tools, navigation tools and miscellaneous tools.

Print Preview

The print preview screen contains three pages: Plan,3D and Parts List. The parts list page contains a list of all products currently placed on the floor plan. Users have the option of printing the the Plan view, 3D view and bill of Materials. Pricing information is provided within the print preview screen


Products Pull-Down Menu contains all manufacturers products within each of the Series provided. Product categories are divided by similar characteristics of each group.

Special Product Categories

File Pedestals/Accessories category allows users to accessorize products with a variety of items including file storage and keyboard trays. All items within this category cannot be placed directly on the floor plan. In order to accessorize a product, items must be placed directly onto a desking product that can be accessorized. Categories allowing accessorization include Bridges, Corner Desks/Credenzas and Returns. Based on length of product, certain items can accept accessories on the left, right and center of the product. To accessorize a product, click and hold the accessory and drag/drop the item directly on the front edge of the desk in desired location (see FR symbol for front edge of desk). Dragging additional items on previously placed accessories will replace the accessory. Dragging the removal symbol onto a desking product will remove the accessory from present location.

Room Elements Pull-Down Menu contains additional room design elements that can be added to your floor plan design. These items currently include Windows and Doors.

Resize command allows users to modify size of current floor plan. A maximum room size of 40'x40' and minimum room size are allowed when resizing a floor plan. Please note that decreasing the room size requires all products to be erased from the floor plan.

Measure command allows users to drag a tape measure across the floor plan and record measurements. These measurements will be visible when printing (see PRINT command). To place measurements, do the following:

  1. Press the Measure command. The button will be highlighted in green when active.
  2. Select a start point by clicking on the floor plan with the left mouse button.
  3. Drag the measurement across the floor plan and select a second point by clicking again. Your measurement will be recorded on the floor plan in feet and inches..
  4. Continue dragging additional measurements across the floor plan as needed.
  5. Clicking the Measure button a second time will deactivate the measure command and temporarily hide your dimensions. All dimensions will reappear when activating the measure command.

Reset command allows users to erase all previously recorded measurements. To erase measurements simply press the reset button. Measure command does not require activation to remove measurements from system.

Navigation tools

  1. Pan (Up, Down, Left, Right): Moves floor plan in the desired direction.
  2. Delete: Deletes any currently selected items from the floor plan. To select an item for deletion, simply click on the product with the left mouse button.
  3. Zoom (In, Out): Allows users to review design more closely or from a greater distance.
  4. Rotate (Left, Right): Within plan view, command rotates currently selected products on floor plan in the desired direction. To select an item for rotation, simply click on the product with the left mouse button. Within 3D view, command rotates the entire floor plan. Please note: Individual items can not be rotated in 3D view, while in 3D view this command rotates the entire floor plan.
  5. Color: Provides access to available materials and finishes of each collection in the virtual showroom. Please note: Choosing a material will apply to your entire order.
  6. 3D/Plan: Allows users to toggle between plan and 3D view of floor plan.

System Tools

  1. Restart: Command allows users to start a new session or load a previously saved session. In contrast to the Logout command, Restart keeps current users logged in so that they can design another room without the need for logging in. Please note: If multiple users are using the same computer station to access the system, each user should Logout after they complete a session and leave the station.
  2. Save: Command allows users to save a current floor plan design. Designs are given a unique session number that can be used to retrieve them in the future.
  3. Logout: Command allows users to return to the home page. Following users will have to log in again by entering their email and password.
  4. Print: Command allows users to print floor plan, 3D view, and bill of materials for current floor plan design. Pricing information will not be included. See print preview for additional information.
  5. Quote: Command allows users to print floor plan, 3D view, and bill of materials for current floor plan design. Pricing information will be included. See quote page for additional information.


  1. Why do some products include left and right options? These products are identical, however certain planning decisions may require either a left or right orientation for a given product. These options are provided within each category.
  2. How do I group products together? You can group products together in your desired rotation by allowing them to slightly overlap. See below for separating an item from a group.
  3. How can I remove and item from a group? You can remove any individual item from a group by double-clicking the item and dragging it away from the group.
  4. How do I accessorize a product? Access the File Pedestals/Accessories category and drag/drop an accessory onto a compatible desking product. See File Pedestals/Accessories for additional information.
  5. How do I erase an accessory? Access the File Pedestals/Accessories category and drag/drop the removal symbol onto the appropriate accessory. See File Pedestals/Accessories for additional information.
  6. Why does my accessory disappear when placed on floor plan? Items within the File Pedestals/Accessories cannot be dropped onto the floor plan. See Files and Storage for similar items allowed to be placed onto the floor plan. See File Pedestals/Accessories for additional information.
  7. Why does certain products appear in both File Pedestals/Accessories and Files categories? Items within File Pedestals/Accessories can only be placed on top of products currently shown on the floor plan. Similar items within the Files and Storage category are freestanding products and placed directly onto floor plan.
  8. Where is the hutch category? The hutch category does not exist. Hutches are combined with desking products within the following categories: Bridges, Corner Desks/Credenzas, and Returns.
  9. Where can I find furniture groupings? Furniture groupings can be found under Select An Office Layout on the Home Page.